Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund (SMIF)

The Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund (SMIF) is one of the biggest infrastructure investment and management groups in Europe. The SMIF pioneers in providing liquidity to the developers and infrastructure project investors in the PFI/PPP market of UK and Europe.
Providing specialized fund and asset management divisions are some of the services of Secondary Market Infrastructure Fund. The SMIF is backed by experienced and efficient infrastructure specialists to provide the services. The fund management division of the SMIF is famous in the market for its services.

The fund is also looking forward for the chances so that to adopt risk capital interests in the infrastructure assets in the continent. The asset management division of SMIF ensures to guard the assets of the fund. The division is already famed to be the largest asset manager in the PFI/PPP market in the UK.
The SMIF was established in October 2001. The main reason behind its establishment was to affect the acquirement of interest in the PFI project portfolio that was held by a UK bank.
At the very outset the fund possessed a portfolio of 24 interests in the infrastructure projects. Now, over the period of time, this has substantially grown though acquisition to 80 project interests at a cost of more than £500 million.

The organization consists of Asset Management Limited (SAML) and SMIF. The SMIF is a UK Limited Partnership company and SAML is an asset management company. An independent team of nineteen skilled professionals manage SMIF. The Executive Committee of SMIF consists of ten professionals. The SAML was established in 2005 in order to monitor the portfolio of SMIF.

The major strategy of the SMIF is to acquire risk capital interests in the infrastructure assets in UK and Western Europe. The business of SMIF is focused on getting the economic benefit emerging from risk capital interests. The structure of SMIF is designed so as to allow for the uniquely long term approach to the asset management.

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