Venture Capital Market

Venture Capital is an age old concept but the Venture Capital Market has developed in the recent decades. The term venture capital denotes the act of investment in the areas of high risk, in order to get some high returns. The developments in the venture capital market has taken place in the US markets mainly.
The market of venture capital, in the past, was disconnected and may be identified as individualized to some extent. In the recent times only, the market has been shaped and the market became matured.Venture Capital Markets are a boon for those who want to set up new business.

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At the same time, if an existing business wants to develop, the venture capitalists are there to provide financial assistance. These capitalists have their own business interest behind the assistance. These people want to have a share of the huge profits by the business in the future.

Because of this, only those businesses are selected which are supposed to develop rapidly in the future. For this purpose, the venture capitalists have their own team of people to identify the appropriate opportunities.
The modern concept of venture capital should be grateful to General Doriot because he was the person who founded the American Research and Development Fund. This was done to provide financial assistance to the activities of developing new technologies in the US universities. At the same time, the commercial use and financial benefits from such technologies were also considered seriously.

With the commercial success of the concept of venture capital, big players entered the venture capital market of United States of America. The giant companies like Xerox and General Electric played a major role in expanding the venture capital market. The entry of these companies in this market with separate divisions to deal in the market, encouraged many others. Because of these situations, the venture capital market was expanded beyond the territories of the US and within a short period, it gained ground globally.

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