Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

Certified Retirement Financial Advisor refers to a licensed financial advisor who renders personalized investment solutions to retirees. The retirees hold substantial assets, which need proper investment for earning high returns. Herein comes the need for authorized and trained financial advisors.

More About Certified Retirement Financial Advisors
Certified Retirement Financial Advisors need to address the unique socioeconomic profile of a client while prescribing investment solutions. Certified Retirement Financial Advisors are required since it is after all a question of retirement money and needs handling by competent and authorized professionals.

Retirement Financial Advisors receive certification after successfully completing comprehensive training modules.

There are various accredited and competent institutes running Retirement Financial Advisor certification programs.

Topics Taught to Certified Retirement Financial Advisors
With minor variations, the topics taught in Retirement Financial Advisor certification programs deal with the following:

Retiree-specific tax These are taxes, which are meant solely for retirees. The retirement financial advisors develop personalized strategies for retirees. The aim is the avoidance of tax on income accruing from social security schemes.
Counseling It involves understanding the psychology of senior citizens. Only then one can form an appropriate personalized strategy for them
Portfolio construction It involves portfolio building for retired persons. The aim is income augmentation and tax reduction
Marketing training This deals in imparting tailor-made management training to retirees.
LTC This refers to LTC and other concerned tax schemes
Estate plans for retirees This aims at clubbing together of retirement plans with estate investment plans.
Legal issues This refers to comprehension of concerned directives and connected legal issues.

The certification programs also provide constant updates on current issues affecting the retirement financial advisory sector. This is done to keep the students aware of the current market trend.

Most of the training institutes offer a wide array of options regarding the mode of instruction. They are the virtual classroom option, onsite training option, live classroom option and self study method.
Money management is important for everyone and so it is for the retirees. Retired persons have reached the end of their working lives. But their ends need to be met from their resources. Retirees have a consolidated income. They have to plan their investment in such a way that they receive an attractive and secure annuity. For ensuring this, retirees need the service of a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor.

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