Canada Chamber of Commerce

Canada Chamber of Commerce or the Canadian Chamber of Commerce was established in 1925. it is the biggest and most powerful advocate of business in the country of Canada. With its numerous affiliates, the Canada Chamber of Commerce is the unified voice of the business community of Canada. It is a voluntary and apolitical organization, headquartered in Ottawa, working for the betterment of the business community of the country and also establishment of a favorable climate for business in Canada.

Creation of a firm, secure, profitable and competitive economic ambiance for the benefit of the Canadian people in general and Canadian businessmen in particular has been the chief among the objectives of the Canada Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce of Canada involves itself in those international and federal policies that influence business. The process of consultancy with its members is a both way affair. Through its strategies on research and development and policy resolutions, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce chalks out the policies that would be best for conducting business smoothly. The viewpoints of Canada Chamber of Commerce are communicated to the media, the public of Canada and internationally by the same organization.

Besides business, Canada Chamber of Commerce also works diligently for the cause of national integrity and also wants to champion the cause of fiscal responsibility. It wants to be recognized as ” The Voice of Canadian Business”. Big and small businessmen, business associations, boards of trade and chamber of commerce are members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. All these various forms of business are unified and brought together one roof of shared ideology by this association.

In matters of advocating business policy issues, the Canada Chamber of Commerce is the national leader. The association also seeks direct government intervention in economic issues as and when required. Issues like debt reduction, competition law and infrastructure funding are also looked into by the Canadian Chamber.

Contact details of Canada Chamber of Commerce:

360 Albert Street
Suite 420
Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7
Tel.: (613) 238-4000
Fax: (613) 238-7643

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