Dubai Chamber of Commerce

Dubai Chamber of Commerce was established in 1965. In the beginning, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce or the DCCI had 450 members. Over the years, the DCCI has been working diligently to create a better climate for business in the state. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce provides its services to more than 80,000 members and has nineteen business groups which represent numerous business sectors. The daily duties of the DCCI are as follows:

Providing services to business activities
Receives business delegations
Certification of commercial documents
Member registrations
Issuance of certificates of origin

The various initiatives of the DCCI are as follows:

Dubai The City that Cares
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Awards
Credit Rating Services

Dubai Trade Point
Dubai University
Dubai Ethics Resource Center
Dubai International Arbitration Center
The objectives of DCCI are as follows:
Creating a favorable environment for business in Dubai
Acting as the representative and protector of the interests of its members
Providing relevant market information to its members, provide value added services to them and satisfy other needs of the members that would them to conduct business smoothly
Creating proper business infrastructure and networking services
Increasing the efficiency of the DCCI staff
Creating a good impression for DCCI worldwide
Dubai Chamber of Commerce settles commercial disputes by mediating between the warring parties. It also answers the legal queries of its members and also provides legal consultation services. Reports, indicators and statistics on foreign trade can also be received from DCCI. The Business Group of the DCCI provides advices and information to its members on development and organization of business sectors.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce is the issuing authority of licenses for business councils in Dubai. Business promotion is done by Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry through its strong networking with various chambers of commerce worldwide. Informations on current changes in the world economy are also furnished by DCCI. Training and development services of the DCCI includes conducting training programs by training professionals.

  • Contact details of Dubai Chamber of Commerce:

    Dubai Chamber of Commerce
    Main Office – Deira\ Bani Yas Road
    Phone (9714) 2280000
    Fax (9714) 2211646


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