US Chamber of Commerce

The US Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in the year 1912. The founder of the United States Chamber of Commerce is Charles Nagel. The organization ranks as the biggest business federation of the world, which represents greater than three million businesses and other types of associations.

The US Chamber is basically a non-profit seeking organization. The US Chamber of Commerce functions as the representative of the following:

830 business associations
2,800 local and state chambers of commerce
3,000,000 businesses (with the help of the Federation of local chambers of commerce and members of associations. The number of direct memberships of the chamber is innumerable.)

The US Chamber of Commerce represents greater than 100 American Chambers of Commerce in 91 countries all over the world. The principal objective of the chamber is to struggle for free enterprise and business before the White House, the US Congress, the courts, the regulatory agencies, the court for public opinion, as well as governments all over the world.

The methods followed for carrying out its operations include the following:

Political lobbying
Media attention
Direct appeal campaigns

For the adoption and implementation of its policies, the chamber has employed a number of professional lawyers, lobbyists, policy experts, as well as communicators. The chamber also has eight regional offices in the US.

The US Chamber of Commerce is famous for its expenditure on an annual basis, which is the highest in comparison to any other lobbying association.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the US Chamber of Commerce is Tom J. Donohue.

The programs and affiliates of the United States Chamber of Commerce are the following:
Business Civic Leadership Center
The National Chamber Litigation Center
The Institute for Legal Reform
The National Chamber Foundation
The Political Program
The International Division
The Center for International Private Enterprise
The Institute for a Competitive Workforce


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