Austin Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce is an organization of the 2500 business enterprises. There are several other organizations and educational institutes that are related to this organization. The Austin Chamber of Commerce is committed to provide good services to the to lead the business activities of the Central Texas area. The organization is determined to bring economic growth of the region and to help the members to develop quickly. From 2002 onwards, Michael W. Rollins, CCE, has been the president of the organization.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce is an age old organization. It has played the leading role in shaping the city of Austin. The organization has developed the infrastructure of the city which has not only provided the inhabitants with comfort, but also has encouraged the trade and commerce of the area.

The major projects carried out by the Austin Chamber of Commerce are Mopac Expressway,the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, dams on the Colorado River,Interstate 35 and the Austin Convention Center. Apart from developing the infrastructure of the Austin, the organization has developed the Silicon Hills which is famous as high-technology center. Several big names are related with the high technology center like IBM,Motorola, MCC, Sematech,3M, Advanced Micro Devices and so on.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce shares a good relation with the government and always try to make sure that the decisions taken by the Federal or state government goes with the common interest of the public and ensures the growth of the regional business. The Organization leads several delegations to the concerned authorities on important problems of the region. It has also put forward several suggestions regarding the tax reforms.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce is working to strengthen the business community of Austin to keep on the development of the region. At the same time, it is also encouraging the general public to get involved in the development process of the region both physically and economically. On the other hand, the Austin Chamber of Commerce is cementing relationship with the government.

Contact Details:

Lakeshore Tower building
210 Barton Springs Road, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78704.

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