California Chamber of Commerce

California Chamber of Commerce or CalChamber is an age old organization of the businessman of the state of California. It is working for the sake of the business community as well as the whole state for more than a century now. The organization has more than 15,000 members. The members of CalChamber ranges from Walt Disney Corporation to the local companies. The California Chamber of Commerce is working for all of them. The CalChamber provides the businessmen with the opportunity to take part in the state politics. At the same time, it also runs several program to provide assistance to the businessmen regarding health care, compensation to the workers and business taxes.

The California Chamber of Commerce offers a wide range of products and services to the members. There are the labor law experts, pro-business staff lobbyists, human resource professionals to provide all the business related services to the members. The members of the California Chamber of Commerce are provided with all the information regarding the labor law, research and surveys related to the business sector, HR tools and many more. They are also provided with information regarding the new bills which are meant for regulating the business sector. The staff lobbyists of the California Chamber of Commerce represents the members of the organization at the capitol and sends timely alerts to the members regarding the political situation.

The California Chamber of Commerce maintains a steady relationship with the government and the political action committees. The organization aims at developing the infrastructure of California so that the business and the standard of living of the city can be developed. Along with this, the organization also tries to prevent excess government mandates regarding the private sector. At the same time the California Chamber of Commerce is involved in the reformation of the tax rules for the state and also in controlling the rising medical expenses of the state. On the other hand, the political action committees and ballot measure initiative of CalChamber plays a major role in the legislative and regulatory process related to the business in the state of California.

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California Chamber of Commerce
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P.O. Box 1736
Sacramento, CA 95812-1736

Telephone (916) 444-6670
Fax (916) 325-1272

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