Florida Chamber of Commerce

Florida Chamber of Commerce represents more than 137,000 members and a about 3 million employees of these members. The organization was established in 1916 as the first business advocacy organization of the state. Florida Chamber of Commerce is one of the most powerful organizations of the state. The unity of the Florida business community is maintained by the association.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is concerned with the development of the state as well as the business sector of Florida. The association has a number of groups to look after the benefit of the business sector and to promote them. The association protects the rights of the businessmen of the state. It is involved in the reformation of the tax laws and the development of the resources and the infrastructure. These efforts are not only providing an ideal business condition but at the same time, it is also raising the living standard of the state.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is trying to make the market stable. For the purpose, the association wants the government to form new laws. It is also determined to arrange affordable property insurances for the businessmen of Florida. The association is playing a major role in reducing the medical expenses for the businessmen as well as the employees in the state of Florida. But at the same time, the association strongly opposes any government interference in the medical requirements of the business-owners.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is also fighting for the reform of several state laws which are causing a number of problems for the businessmen of the state. Among these, the ‘slip and fall’ reform and the ‘offer of judgment’ are very important. At the same time, the Chamber is also concerned about protecting the residents and the business sector from the fraud organizations using the name of the non-profit organizations name.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce opposing the factor of providing too much space to the government in the private sector.

Contact details

Florida Chamber of Commerce
136 South Bronough Street
P.O. Box 11309
Tallahassee, FL 32302-3309
Phone: 850-521-1200
Fax: 850-521-1219

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