Hawaii Chamber of Commerce

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1850as a result of ten of the top businessmen of Hawaii signing the constitution for a chamber of commerce for the state. The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce has played a major role in the stupendous economic development of Hawaii. The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii has worked in close quarters with the business community of the state in order to build a prosperous state and a cosmopolitan center.

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce is one of the earliest business organizations in the state and it has diligently working towards creating a more prosperous economy. The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce deals with issues like education, excessive government regulations, employee compensation, health care, tourism and taxation. Currently, the chamber has more than 1100 members and excess of 200,000 employees.

The community organizations established in the state by Hawaii Chamber of Commerce:
Haku Alliance Association Worker’s Compensation Coalition
Crime Stoppers of Hawaii
Better Business Bureau
Tax Foundation of Hawaii
Blood Bank of Hawaii
Mental Health Association
Aloha United Way
Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau
Retail Merchants of Hawaii
Hawaii Chamber of Commerce works towards improving the business environment of the state. It offers networking facilities for the businesses in the state, business building opportunities and training, acts as the voice of the businessmen in the state and negotiates on behalf of the business community with the advocates and government. The members of Hawaii Chamber of Commerce are from a wide array of business types, small, big and medium, sole proprietors, non-profit and profit businesses. The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii also acts as a liaison between the military and civil communities in the state. The most recent news concerning developments in the business community in the state is provided by the chamber.

The committees of Hawaii Chamber of Commerce are as follows:
Tax Committee
Small Business Committee
Tourism and Air Transportation Committee
Public Health Fund Committee
Health Issues Committee
Military Affairs Committee
Maritime Committee
Human Resource Committee
Affiliated Chambers and Business Organizations Committee
Council of Chairs
Armed Services Committee
Environmental Affairs Committees
Land Use and Land Transportation Committee
Contact details of Hawaii Chamber of Commerce:

1132 Bishop Street, Suite 402
Honolulu, HI 96813
Fax 808-545-4369

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