Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Indiana Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1922. In this year, the Chamber of Commerce of Indiana was legally incorporate. But the organization had been carrying out its preliminary activities informally since 1897. After its inception, one of the earliest activities undertaken by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce was to equalize the rates of rail freight. The rates prevalent in Indiana were higher than the rates in the neighboring states.

In its earliest stages, the Indiana Chamber of Commerceemphasized on labor relations, state taxes, good governance, transportation and government research. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce began also to look into economic development, taking interest in legislative elections and advocating small businesses. In the present date, the Chamber expertises in congregational and educational activities, public finance and taxation, energy and environment, civil justice, labor relations, workplace safety, economic development, small business development and health care.

Indiana Chamber of Commerce carries out its activities on behalf of its constituents and members. This organization acknowledges the importance of a favorable business climate in order to facilitate proper growth of business and encourage economic development. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce also looks to gainfully employ the citizens of the state of Indiana.

The business information provided by the Chamber of Commerce of Indiana are updated and very reliable. The legislations and public policies of the Chamber are streamlined in order to maximize economic development. The services of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce are provided annually to more than 26000 customers and members.

Besides industrial development, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce also works towards creating new income and job opportunities. The statistical and information services are efficiently conducted in order to provide informations in real quick time.

The committee for political action of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is called Indiana Business for Responsive Government. Those candidates who are for business are elected to the General Assembly of Indiana by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. The Indiana Chamber Foundations is another entity of Indiana Chamber of Commerce which seeks to enhance standard of living in the state and also build a better economic future for Indiana through seeking solutions, initiating actions and funding studies.

Contact details of Indiana Chamber of Commerce:

115 West Washington St.
Suite 850 S.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-264-3110
Fax: 317-264-6855

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