Kansas Chamber of Commerce

Kansas Chamber of Commerce has been working diligently towards making Kansas the most favored state in America for the businessmen. Kansas Chamber of Commerce has a total membership of over ten thousand. The members of Kansas Chamber of Commerce are from large, medium and small business firms.

The Chamber of Commerce of Kansas looks to reduce taxes on business, managing costs on health care and reduce costs on compensation for workers. The Chamber also performs the functions of stopping abuse of lawsuits, bringing down expenses on employment compensations. In order to create more job opportunities in the state, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce leverages transportation and education expenses.

The people in the state can communicate the problems they face while trading in the state which involves mainly the problem of higher costs and also the general problem of excessive health care costs to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber then performs the function of deliberating with decision makers of the government of the state at the Topeka State House.

Kansas Chamber of Commerce makes available effective tools to the businessmen in Kansas that would help them fight high costs and reduce health care costs. Nefarious lawsuits also hamper the economy of the state in general. The smaller business concerns are more adversely affected by these harmful lawsuits. The Chamber seeks to eliminate these lawsuits. Business taxes are too high in the state of Kansas. The Kansas Chamber of Commerce is working towards reducing the high tax rates. Chamber PAC which is a program launched by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce looks to eliminate all these problems. The Kansas Chamber Legal Institute works for implementing greater efficiency and transparency in the civil justice system of Kansas.

Contact details of Kansas Chamber of Commerce:

835 SW Topeka Blvd.
Topeka, KS 66612-1671
Phone: 785-357-6321
Fax: 785-357-4732

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