Michigan Chamber of Commerce

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in the year 1959. Since that time, the Michigan Chamber has grown quite rapidly with the help of its pathbreaking initiatives. The members of Michigan Chamber of Commerce come from each of the 83 counties of the state.

At present, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce has almost 7,100 members comprising businesses of different sectors, professional associations, and the local chambers of commerce in the state of Michigan. The principal objective of the Michigan Chamber is to promote human resource development with the help of political, economic, as well as social infrastructure on the basis of incentives, personal freedom, responsibility, and benefits. The members of the Michigan Chamber represent a wide cross-section of the economy of the state.

The Michigan Chamber began functioning as a lobbying organization for the business employers of Michigan, however, recently it has diversified its activities. Michigan Chamber of Commerce has a transparent goal and that is betterment of the business environment of Michigan and pushing Michigan towards greater progress. It focuses on the reduction of business expenses and creation of increased number of jobs for the people of Michigan. The Michigan Chamber is regarded as the most efficient advocacy organization of the state.

The objectives or missions of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce include the following:
Working for school reforms
Cutting taxes and reduction of spending
Making health care affordable to a higher degree
Prevention of lawsuit abuse
Improvement of the transportation system of Michigan
Accomplishment of educational excellence
Combating interference of the Government in the workplace
Securing affordable and reliable energy
Encouragement for conservation and sensible usage of the natural resources
Encouragement for exclusive advancement of the telecommunications infrastructure of Michigan
The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is James Barrett.

Contact Details:

Michigan Chamber of Commerce
600 S. Walnut Street
Lansing, Michigan 48933
Tel: (517) 371-2100
Tel: (Toll Free) at (800) 748-0266

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