Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce enjoys an age old history of nearly 100 years. The Chamber started as a Board of Trade and after passing through a chain of changes, it is at present working as the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is working hard to connect all the business activities in the region because it believes that, proper development of the region is only possible if all the communities and the business activities are connected to each other. The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce has connected the business activities of seven counties and is maintaining the unity to stimulate the economical development of central Florida.

The organization is very old but they have changed themselves according to the changing trends of the business. Because of this, it is still one of the major pro-business organization of the state of Florida. It provides the members with a number of services including business advocacy. The Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce helps their members in developing their business by connecting the business with the decision-makers which makes the development very rapid.

Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce prevents the member businesses from government interpretation. This helps the businessmen to decide and design their own policies. On the other hand, the chamber provides various essential services to the members at very affordable prices. At the same time, the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce is also working hard to create a sound economic base in the of the respective region.

Orlando Regional Chamber of commerce offers the members with a lot of investment options. These are the Regional Board of Advisors, Chamber Trustees, Small Business Chamber and so on. these services provides the member with a lot of facilities like the exposure of the business at the regional level, powerful networking system, getting into touch with each other and many more. These services which can stimulate the development of the business.

Contact Details

Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard
P.O. Box 1234
Orlando, Florida 32802-1234
Phone: 407.425.1234
Fax 407.835.2500

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