Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce represents the business community of more than 11 counties and three states. It is also known as the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. The aim of the organization is to provide firm base for the development of the business of the region. The efforts of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is stimulating the economic growth of the entire region. The members of the Chamber are provided with excellent development programs and services. At the same time, developed public policies followed by the Chamber is developing the infrastructure of the region.

“Get involved, Get results” is the motto of Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and with this motto the chamber is representing nearly 5000 member companies. The Chamber fights for the business-friendly regulations in the state. The Chamber provides assistance to the members to run the business smoothly and also runs several professional development programs. It plays a major role in the community development activities also.

The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce runs nearly 150 programs every year with the motive of providing assistance to the member regarding business issues and also to develop the regional business sector. These programs include the educational seminars, political events, community events and many more. On the other hand, the public policy department of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce takes the general opinion of the regional business sector to the policy makers of the state so that the policies can be designed according to the demands.

The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce helps the member companies in creating a good public image through which the business can be developed rapidly. It also help the members to create strategic alliance. The members get assistance regarding the sponsorship and advertising issues. at the same time the members are also entitled for several health programs and insurances provided by the Chamber.

Contact Details

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
200 South Broad Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 545-1234
Fax: (215) 790-3600

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