Tennessee Chamber of Commerce

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the organization which takes care of the business sector of the state. It is known for its efforts to promote the business activities of the state. The chamber is concerned about developing the infrastructure and the standard of living of the state. The Chamber is the manufacturers association of the state of Tennessee. The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industries is also involved in a lot of activities related to the taxation, human resources, health care and the preservation of natural resources and the environment itself.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industryrepresents more than 1000 members and these members represent a variety of business which are also different in size. The Chamber influences the state legislation and the regulatory authorities to make such rules and regulations that goes with the business sector of the state. The government relations team of the Chamber is very active at those times when the state legislature is in motion. On behalf of the business sector, the Chamber makes sure that the policy makers of the state are well informed about the actual problems of the business sector of the state and can provide the sector with the best possible solutions. On the other hand, the Chamber also provide the members with all the latest information about the government decisions which are related to the business sector like the tax policy, workers, compensation and many more .

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry is trying constantly to improve the business climate of the state and through these efforts, it wants to promote the investment in the business sector of the state. At the same time, the Chamber also aims at helping the business community to grow to such heights that they can compete in the international arena. It also aims at stimulating the competition in the local market.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry also offers the member businesses to become a part of different committees of the Chamber. These committees are responsible for framing the policies for the Chamber. Some of these committees are Tax Committee, Chemical Industry Committee, Environment Committee and many more.

Contact Details:

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry
611 Commerce Street, Suite 3030
TN 37203-3742
Phone: 615-256-5141
Fax: 615-256-6726
website: www.tnchamber.org

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