Texas Chamber of Commerce

Texas Chamber of Commerce is the unified voice of the businessmen in the state of Texas. It was on the 1st of January, 1995 that the Texas Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business were merged into one single entity. Both these associations had been for a long time, the top two employer organizations in the state. The Chamber of Commerce in Texas works towards creating a better climate for business in the state of Texas. Besides, it also aims to build a strong economy for the state.

The Texas Association of Business (TAB) has been in business for more than 75 years. It serves as the unified platform for voicing the problems and opinions of the employers in the state of Texas. It has been fighting regulatory, legislative and judicial battles in order to establish the rights of the businessmen in the state and in the process remove the impediments in the road to business. Both small business concerns and large multi-nationals can become members of this association.

The South, West and East Texas Chambers of Commerce were unified in 1988 to form the Texas Chamber of Commerce. This organization had been the local chamber of commerce of the state since the 1920s. The Chamber is now based in Austin and it works as an umbrella organization for all the numerous chambers of commerce within the state of Texas. Texas Chamber of Commerce has worked in close association with the state agencies, legislators and other organizations of business in the state for the purpose of generating employment and implementing strong economic legislation. It also supervises the smooth working of the free enterprise system in the state.

Besides, Texas Chamber of Commerce also has been trying to improve the system of public education in Texas in order to increase the competence of the state in general. Texas Business and Education Coalition was created by the Chamber to take initiatives in responsible school improvements. Texas Chamber Commerce and the TAB also conduct seminars and workshops, cost-saving programs for the benefit of the of large and small employers.

Contact details of Texas Chamber of Commerce:

1209 Nueces St
Austin Tx 78701
Ph. 512-320-8223
F. 512-320-0280

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