Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Chamber of Commerce is the mouthpiece of the business community of Virginia. It works for the betterment of the business community in the state. Members of Virginia Chamber of Commerce are both small family firms and Fortune 500 companies. With the aim of building a competitive business sector and a favorable environment for business, the Chamber of Commerce of Virginia has been fighting for the rights of the business leaders and entrepreneurs in the state of Virginia.

Virginia Chamber of Commerce strongly roots for those policies that would build a prosperous economy in Virginia. The following are the issues of concern of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce:

Business Regulation
Environmental regulation
Workplace and labor relations

Health care
Training of work force
Tort liability
Worker’s compensation
Government operations
Economic development
Technological development

  • Virginia Chamber of Commerce also works towards building a perfect coalition and coordination among the various business communities in the state and tries to make them agree on common issues and agendas. The members of this association are helped in connecting with those organizations and individuals who would help them to make further improvements to their business. Moreover, important business information and business tools are also provided to its members by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

    Virginia Chamber of Commerce has been a strong supporter of free market competition and limited government intervention in business activities. The association insures the companies against stringent business laws and regulations. Virginia Chamber of Commerce is the only organization in the state that looks into every business issue. The members of the Chamber try to enrich the efficiency of the association in their own individual ways. The various newsletters and publications of Virginia Chamber of Commerce keep the members abreast of the recent happenings in the business sector of Virginia. Some marketing tools issued by the Chamber are Membership Directory and All-Business Directory.

    Contact details of Virginia Chamber of Commerce:

    Virginia Chamber of Commerce
    9 South Fifth Street
    Richmond, VA 23219
    Phone: 804-644-1607
    Fax: 804-783-6112


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