Washington Chamber of Commerce

Washington Chamber of Commerce is an organization voluntary formed by professionals and businessmen and individuals. The Chamber of Commerce in Washington promotes industrial, commercial and civic development of the state in general. It wants to remove the major impediments in the path of conducting smooth business in the state. The members of the Washington Chamber of Commerce work as an independent network in order to facilitate and encourage large scale projects. Besides industries, the Chamber also works for the development of community services and tourism. The advisory services provided by Washington Chamber of Commerce are very useful in bringing about an all-encompassing development of Washington.

Various action programs have been initiated by the Washington Chamber of Commerce. The activities of the association are carried out by the various committees of Washington Chamber of Commerce such as the following:
Internal Affairs and Workshops
Council Liaison
Tourisms and Promotions
Olde Fashioned Christmas
Long Range Planning
Home Show
Airway, Highway and Transportation
The following are the services provided by Washington Chamber of Commerce:
Riverfront and park development
Inaugurating relocated and new businesses
Providing membership lists to its members
Conducting annual home shows
Organizing and sponsoring special events like Business After Hours, Annual Mixers, Chamber Banquet, Farmer’s Market, Chamber Business Meeting among others
Organizes Washington Town and County Fair
Provides statistical information, referrals for Better Business Bureau (BBB) and relocation packets
The Washington Chamber of Commerce has created better business opportunities through initiating innovative programs. Its chief aim is to assist its members in conducting business smoothly. The Washington Chamber of Commerce employs about 23,000 people and acts as the representative body for more than 900 businesses. The programs undertaken by Washington Chamber of Commerce are in the following fields:
Economic development
Business seminars
Health care
Contact details of Washington Chamber of Commerce:

114 Washington Square
Ph: (309) 444-9921

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