Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce understands the need of a sound economic and business growth for the development of a prosperous state. The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Foundation (WCCF) was established in 1980 by the business leaders of Wisconsin. This charitable organization is a 501(c) (3) non-profit seeking organization. The main aim of the Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin is to bring about improvements in the economy of the state and enhance the quality of living of the people of Wisconsin. It serves as a source of information and also conducts educational programs.

  • The following are the services of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce:
    Business educational
    Economic educational
    Development of workforce
    Supporting the local chambers of commerce
    Taking initiatives for school improvements
    Safety programs

    The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a strong advocate of free enterprise system. It also provides general informations on the state and its economy. An adequate knowledge of the economy is a must in today’s world. Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Foundation conducts researches on investing, budgeting and planning. It also helps people in conducting personal financial management. Information about the various online sources of information is available with the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. Various economic trends and data are also provided by this organization.

    Business education is also provided to various teachers and students of Wisconsin through its Business World program. Various data on the business sector, growing industries and top employers in the state can be obtained from Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Workforce development is another of the services of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. The labor market of Wisconsin is a booming one and therefore, there are a lot of job opportunities. Therefore, a perfect knowledge of the labor market of the state is essential. Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce provides valuable information on the labor market of Wisconsin.

    In order to promote healthy living in the state and ensure safety of the citizens, the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Foundation promotes safety information through its affiliate, Wisconsin Council of Safety. The Chamber also acts as the clearinghouse of information on various educational matters in the state of Wisconsin which is a national leader in education.

    Contact details of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce:

    Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc.
    501 East Washington Ave Madison, WI 53703-2944
    PO Box 352 Madison, WI 53701-0352
    Phone: 608-258-3400
    Fax: 608-258-3413


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