Day Trading Commodity

Unlike, other traders, day trading commoditymarket is infested with day traders whose time limitation is 24 hours. They call it a day trading session. Just as the returns are high so are the hazards. The article below reveals the various facets of day trade.
Day trading commodity is traded within a span of 24 hours. 24 hours is referred to as the day trading commodity session. All the proceedings of day trading are completed within the session. The traders indulging in such trade are known as day traders.

However, if for any reason the day traders are not able to complete their proceedings within the stipulated time period, they may be called position traders.

Features of day trading commodity:
In day trading commodity, the capital is made use of for the day. This is usually done to get the maximum return.
The day traders choose not to block their capital for long periods of time. Such traders usually have very little capital to make use of. “Speed” is the mantra of day trading.
It has been observed that in commodity markets, day traders are the most common.If the day trader has little capital at his disposal, the returns will also be less as compared to the returns when capital invested is more.
It is also a well known fact that greater the capital at a person’s disposal, greater are the chances of diversification and consequently chances of living upto the risks are also manifold.
Predicting trends:
The graph of day trading commodity in future markets may be best reckoned by making use of charts. Accordingly, the day trader can make investment by reading the market conditions prevailing on that particular day.
Limitations of day trading commodity:
Even though the returns may be high, there are certain inhibitions, which are encountered by the day traders. The profits earned by them is subjected to a time limit. They stand the maximum chance of being cheated. There are times when a day trader may not make any profit at all.
Role of the day traders in the commodity markets:
The day traders play a vital role in the commodity markets. Owing to their trading activities, there may be instances when there may be sharp fluctuations in the price of commodities depending on the volume of trade they carry out. In other words, the day traders form a vital link in the day trading commodity market.

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Last Updated on : 27th June 2013

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