Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange Ltd.

Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange Ltd., was established in 1952 to cater to the needs of futures trading. The exchange also made a pact with the Ahmedabad stock exchange so that the facility of trading Online could be provided to the several thousand traders in the country.
Earlier the Ahmedabad commodity exchange Ltd traded ground nut oil but after a short span it stopped doing so. However, it was later resumed again. The write up below throws light on the various aspects of the commodity exchange and the market regulator governing the functions of the exchange.

Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange Ltd. was set up in the year 1952 in the month of March. It was laid as per the Forward Contracts Act, 1952. The Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange Ltd commenced futures trading since the year 1952 under the supervision of the regulators Forward Market Commission. This commodity exchange has the credit of trading the highest volume of castor seed.

Some of the products, which are traded on the commodity exchange include:
* Cotton seed oil
* Castor seed
* Cotton seed oil cake
Earlier there used to be trading of groundnut oil also however, it was suspended. But lately, there have been efforts to revive the trading of the same.The Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange has a tie up with the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange for trading online.

The Provisions, which govern its operations include:
* Forward Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1954.
* Forward Contracts(Regulation) Act, 1952.

Services offered by Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange Ltd:
The services offered by the commodity exchange in Ahmedabad may be broadly categorized into the following three:
* Arbitration
* Clearing house
* Trading Ring

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