Chicago Board Options Exchange

In this paper we will discuss about the Chicago Board Options Exchange. It was established in 1973, and is one of the biggest exchange for option trading across the globe. The Securities and Exchange Commission oversees the activities of the CBOE.
In 2005, the Chicago Board Options Exchange registered a huge number of option contracts, precisely 468,249,301.
The Chicago Board Options Exchange, widely known as CBOE, is one of the biggest exchange for option trading in the world. It is based in Chicago.
The CBOE has currently more than 450 million options contracts to its credit. Almost 50 stock indexes, over 1200 companies and 50 exchange-traded funds are now associated with the CBOE.
The Chicago Board Options Exchange was founded in 1973. Initially, it created and listed the standardized stock options only. However, the Securities and Exchange Commission supervises the activities of the CBOE and the Options Clearing Corporation is used to clear the option contracts created by the CBOE.
In 1975, a computerized price reporting system was introduced by the Exchange. Moreover, CBOE adopted the Black-Scholes model for determining the pricing options in the same year.
In 1989, the CBOE introduced the first electronic limit order book for the customer. In 1998, for the first time Chicago Board Options Exchange’s annual volume went beyond 200 million contracts.
In 2006, CBOE claimed 674,735,348 option contracts, 30% more than that of the previous year, which was an all time record.


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