Dalian Commodity Exchange

The Dalian commodity exchange has grown since its inception. Gradually the trade volume as well as the turnover increased with every passing year. In fact, the first LLDPE futures commodity was traded on this exchange. The article below highlights the many facets of the Dalian Commodity Exchange.
The Dalian Commodity Exchange was established in the year 1993 on the 28th day of February. It has earned appreciation for being a key player in soybean circulation as well as its production. It was popular among the investors owing to financial wholeness and its capability of handling risks in a wise manner.

The Dalian commodity exchange has exercised transparency, liquidity and uniqueness in “international price correlation”.The Dalian commodity exchange or DCE is involved in trading of futures commodities. DCE is self regulated and a non profit legal entity.

The investor base is large with as many as 110,000(as of February, 26th 2008). Approximately, 197 companies are listed on the Dalian Commodity exchange(as of 26th February, 2008).
It was observed that during the year 2007, the volume of trade attained was 371 million agreements. The turnover during the same period recorded was USD$1.67 trillion or RMB 11.97 trillion. The Dalian commodity exchange as per records of the Futures Industry Association is considered to be the largest commodity trading exchange with regard to trade volume for the past couple of years. The commodity exchange had a market stake of 50% plus during the year 2007. In dollar terms, the Shanghai Futures Exchange has 50% market stake.
Futures Industry Association or FIA based in United States of America comprise “future commission merchants”. More or less similar to a broker, they are responsible for making payments for orders accepted by them.
Commodities traded on the Dalian commodity exchange:
The Dalian commodity exchange was the first to trade agreements pertaining to petrochemical futures on the exchange. The petrochemical futures were traded for the first time in the year 2007. The other commodities, which are traded include – * Palm oil * Soybeans * Corn * Soy oil * Soy * LLDPE or linear low density polythene. On 20th August 2007, the Northeast Area Revitalization Plan was declared. As per this Plan, Dalian Commodity Exchange was considered responsible for the development of China’s 4th economic zone.

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