Dubai Gold And Commodities Exchange

Dubai Gold And Commodities Exchange or DGCX offers a wide range of products. Some of the products include silver, gold, fuels and oil in addition to a list of other products. It is a proven fact that there are several advantages of trading the products on the DGCX. The write up below reflects the various features of DGCX.
An initiative proposed by the Government of Dubai, DGCX or Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange is a center for multiple commodities based in Dubai.

DGCX has the following as their partners:
Financial Technologies Limited(India)
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited or MCX.

Owing to the past success records of the exchange, this exchange has put in all efforts to improve upon the functioning of the exchange. The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange started functioning in the year 2005 November.
This was the country’s first ever exchange for trading derivatives. The exchange is fully equipped with an automated system, which ensures that investors or traders can avail of the services of this exchange and can trade commodities on this exchange from any corner of the world. The exchange has a wide product range for the investors and the trader.

Benefits of trading on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange:
The regulatory structure of the exchange is very effective.
The DCCC or Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation extends guarantee with regard to settlements. DCCC is a cent percent owned subsidiary of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange.
There are a number of commodities, which can be traded in the futures or options market.
The Exchange is adequately prepared with an efficient risk management system.

Products traded on the exchange:
The commodities or products traded on this exchange may be categorized as below:
Currency majors
Fuel oil
Indian Rupee

The first trading of Indian Rupee on any exchange in form of futures contract was facilitated by Dubai Gold And Commodities Exchange or DGCX in the year 2007, June. During the same period, the exchange already had the following listed currencies on the exchange. They were Sterling Dollar, Euro Dollar as well as Yen Dollar.
Option trading on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange:
An option may be a call option or a put option. In the year 2007, the exchange introduced its first gold future contract. In the same year contracts pertaining to gold options were also traded.

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