Mexican Derivatives Exchange

In this paper we will discuss about the Mexican Derivatives Exchange. It is basically an exchange for futures trading. In 1999, the exchange transformed its trading system from an open outcry to a fully electronic one. The Mexican Derivatives Exchange started several programs with the Mexican Stock Exchange, S.D.
Indeval and the Mexican Securities Industry Association to develop an options market in Mexico.
The Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MDE) is an exchange for futures trading. It helps the futures and options traders to manage and minimize the financial risks.
The board of directors of this organization is supported by several committees namely, Compliance and Ethics Committee, Certification Committee, Promotion Committee, Admission and New Products Committee, Auditing Committee, Clearinghouse Committee and Discipline and Arbitration Committee.
The MDE initiated the process of internationalizing the Mexican financial system first.
Participants of the Mexican Derivatives Exchange consists of brokers, market makers, clearing members etc.
In 1999, the Mexican Derivatives Exchange inaugurated its fully electronic trading platform. Previously it was working in an open outcry environment. This improved the efficiency and as well as transparency of the pricing system.
In 2003, the Mexican Derivatives Exchange started some development programs jointly with the Financial Options MEFF and Spanish Market of Futures to build an efficient options market in Mexico.
A good number of professionals from the Mexican Stock Exchange, S.D. Indeval and the Mexican Securities Industry Association (AMIB) are working with the Mexican Derivatives Exchange.

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