Online Commodity Portals in India

Online Commodity Portals in India are developing very fast. Still, there is shortage of credible commodity trading content on the Internet. But, different new commodity portals are coming up, realizing the huge potential of online commodity trading in India.
Online Commodity Portals in India are continuously growing in number as more and more people are tending towards Online Commodity Trading. Among all the countries of the world, India is one of the largest producer and consumer of different types of commodities. So, the commodity trading market of India is very strong and has enormous potential to grow.

Both Online and Offline Commodity trading has good prospect in India. But, the market of offline commodity trading has already developed significantly. Now, it is the time for online commodity trading market to grow.

In the last few years, the volume of Online Commodity Trading in India has increased substantially due to the presence of some efficient online commodity portals.
Here, we will discuss some of the significant Online Commodity Portals in India. This site provides in-depth knowledge about commodity trading. Reliable contents on different types of commodities are also available in this site. offers their viewers all kinds of news of Indian commodity trading market totally free of cost. The website also provides technical analysis, research reports and also offers customized tips and suggestions for the traders of the commodity market. Commodityonline has made business relation with the leading commodity brokers of India for providing online trading facility in the commodity futures market. The website also sends e-newsletters on a daily basis to almost thirty thousand commodity players. Among these commodity players there are many banks and financial organizations. online commodity portal provides basic information on different types of agricultural commodities, that are traded in commodity futures and commodity options market in India. The site also offers global analysis of commodity trading market. National and international analysis of the commodities are also provided, but these services are not free.


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Last Updated on : 27th June 2013

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