Sofia Commodity Exchange

SCE or Sofia commodity exchange is the only exchange, which is allowed to trade grain on the exchange. The commodity exchange has certain aims, which it does fulfill with the help of qualified brokers. The article below highlights the various facets of the exchange.

Information about Sofia Commodity Exchange or SCE:
SCE or Sofia Commodity Exchange located in Bulgaria is an exchange market where there is no dearth of liquidity. The SCE was established in the year 1991 on the 11th day of April and is a non profit organization. SCE offers sound conditions for wholesale trading.

The traders are offered feasible prices in this commodity exchange. In addition to that the exchange also assures of quality products and maintains a healthy supply of raw materials required by the manufacturers.
The brokers operating in SCE are well versed in their subjects and abide by the rules of the market simultaneously taking care of the needs of the traders and the clients.

Objectives of Sofia Commodity Exchange:
Encourage competition
Building modern infrastructure in the market
Promoting market relations
Adopting measures for attaining equilibrium pertaining to market prices
Carries out its function in accordance with the Law On Commodity Exchanges And Wholesale Markets
As far as markets are concerned there are two types of markets, which are catered to by Sofia Commodity Exchange or SCE.
(I) Spot markets
Features of the spot markets:
The spot market of Sofia commodity exchange carries out trade of only certain specific unique commodities fulfilling international standards.
The trading on the spot markets takes place in special sessions two times a week.
There is a limitation as far as participants are concerned. Exchange intermediaries who are licensed are allowed to take part in the sessions.

(II) Grain markets

Features of the grain market:
SCE is the only exchange, which is allowed to carry out trading of grain futures in Bulgaria. Trading of as many as 7 contracts take place.
These are as follows:
Forage Barley
Milling Wheat
Feed Wheat
Malting wheat
White beans
Black Sunflower

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