Transilvania Commodity Exchange

Transilvania Commodity Exchange was established in Romania in the year 1994. At present, the exchange is owned by 72 shareholders. The Transilvania Commodity Exchange carries out trading of Spot Contract and trading of intermediary commodities and services.
It also offers the facility of selling through auctions, for properties like land, stock of the companies and other assets.Transilvania Commodity Exchange came in to existence in the year 1994. At the time of establishment, this general commodity exchange was first of its’ kind in the counties of Transilvania.

At the time of incorporation, the Transilvania Commodity Exchange had 64 shareholders. But, afterwards, private stocks of this exchange were issued twice. So, at present, the Transilvania Commodity Exchange is owned by 72 share holders.

Functions of Transilvania Commodity Exchange
This exchange trades Spot Contracts. The exchange runs a specialized department for operating the spot contract transactions. Through the spot contract trading of this exchange, a buyer can receive the goods within 5 days of signing the spot contact. It can be mentioned here, that for participating in this spot contract trading, both the buyers and sellers have to be corporate entities.
The Transilvania Commodity Exchange also acts as intermediary commodities and service exchange. The offers and requests for intermediary commodity trading are first registered at the exchange. Then, advertisements about the offers and requests are circulated through various communication channels. After this, intermediary commodity trading takes place through the Auctioning system.
The exchange offers the facility of selling through the action for land, assets and stocks of companies. It should be mentioned here, that in the Transilvania Commodity Exchange, only those companies’ stocks can be sold through auctioning, in which the State is the major shareholder.
In the Commodity Exchange market of Romania, future contracts on Foreign Currency Index started to be traded from the year 1997. This trading is done through the Financial-Monetary and Commodity Exchange Sibiu. The Transilvania Commodity Exchange has requested for a membership card of Financial-Monetary and Commodity Exchange Sibiu. This membership card would enable the Transilvania Commodity Exchange to trade future contracts on Foreign Currency Index as a brokerage agency on the floor of Financial-Monetary and Commodity Exchange Sibiu.

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