U.S Futures Exchange

In this paper we will discuss briefly about the U.S Futures Exchange (USFE) which is situated in Chicago. Previously the USFE was addressed as Eurex US. However, the USFE has been providing some new products to the future traders to welcome innovation in the derivatives business and as well as to minimize the risks.
The U.S Futures Exchange is an electronic futures exchange situated in Chicago. Previously it was named as Eurex US.
The Eurex US owned the BrokerTec and renamed it as Eurex US. In 2006, majority of the Eurex US’ share had been purchased by the Man Group. The Eurex US was then renamed as the U.S Futures Exchange (USFE).
The USFE has an expertise in the area of old derivative businesses. It is coming up regularly with some new products not only to bring innovation in the derivatives business but also to reduce risks.
The U.S Futures Exchange introduced its first future contracts, named as Binary Event Future, in 2007.
This event future would be set at 100 if the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was able to own the Chicago Board of Trade successfully, else 0.
The second future contracts launched by the USFE was almost same like the Binary Event Future, but here the two traded organizations were the Intercontinental Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. . That is, the contract would depend upon whether the former was able to own the latter successfully or not.
However, the USFE provides those hedging opportunities to the Hedge Fund and institutional investors which were previously not available. In addition to that, the exchange offers several new institutional futures contracts, for example, Lehman Brothers’ fixed income index future.
In 2007, the U.S Futures Exchange disclosed its plans of launching futures trading based on the International Securities Exchange indexes. These comprised the water, natural gas, gold and homebuilders indexes.

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