Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

In this paper we will discuss about the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (ECE), currently known as the ICE Futures Canada. ECE was the former name of Winnipeg derivatives market. In 2007, the Intercontinental Exchange owned the WCE.
The WCE started electronic trading in 2004, before that, futures were traded via the open outcry system.
The Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE), which is currently known as ICE Futures Canada, is an exchange which facilitates futures and options trading through an electronic trade platform. It had been incorporated by the Act of Manitoba Legislature.
Previously WCE was basically the name of the derivatives market in Winnipeg, Canada and supervised the Canadian Financial Futures Market. However, it provides future and option trading in canola, western barley and feed wheat.
In 1887, the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange started its journey as the Winnipeg Grain & Produce Exchange. It launched the first futures contract in 1904. The WCE or ICE Futures Canada is the only exchange in Canada that facilitates commodity futures.
Before 2004, trading on WCE has been done through the open outcry method. In December 2004, the exchange made the futures trading system fully electronic. Eventually, it was then the first commodity exchange who facilitated electronic trading. However, before 2007, futures had been traded on the Chicago Board of Trade’s platform.
The Winnipeg Commodity Exchange had been owned by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), based in Atlanta, in 2007. Since then, futures were traded on the ICE’s platform.


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