Commodity Futures Trading

In this paper we will describe commodity futures trading. It has several advantages in the market over real estate or stocks or bonds. Futures trading can increase the profitability of an investment and it does not depend on the current market situation.
In the United States of America, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission looks after the commodity futures trading. Commodity futures trading has some advantage as an investment tool over the other investment alternatives, for example, stocks, real estate, savings accounts, bonds etc.

People can profit through commodity futures trading within a short span of time. Commodity futures trading can increase the profitability of an investment irrespective of the market conditions. One more advantage of commodity futures trading is the low relative commission.

However, the profit hugely depends on correct decisions, that is, when and what to trade. One of the important aspects of commodity futures trading is commodity speculation upon which the profit depends a lot.
However, people can spend their current profits in commodity futures trading without selling their investments which is not possible with stocks, real estates or bonds, that is, they have to sell their investments first then they can spend the profits. This is one main reason for which more people are going for commodity futures trading. Commodity Futures Trading Commission:
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, situated in the United States of America, establishes an efficient regulatory framework to govern the commodity futures trading. It is an independent agency of the American government established in 1974. It took over the charge from the Commodity Exchange Authority, acting previously.

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