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Top 10 Companies in the World

Description: Map showing the top 10 companies in the world and their location on world map

Innovation, skilled workforce, superior business strategy, a strong customer service, are just some of the aspects that distinguishes a multinational from a local company. Some of the companies – whether they are in the manufacturing, food processing, real estate, automobile or any other segment – have achieved a cult status because of its products that are a class apart.

Many of these companies have seized the opportunities provided by increasing liberalization and globalization and have set up their bases in other countries. They have been able to capture the global market on the back of an upgraded technology and proficiency in local business sector.

Along with technological competencies, these companies have also harnessed the natural resources and workforce of the respective nations. This has enabled the corporations to set up their manufacturing plants on foreign shores where labor is cheap thus producing their products at a much lesser cost as compared to what they would be spending in their own country.

The increasing globalization has resulted in intense competition among the corporates with each aiming to capture a significant part of the local market place. The companies have adopted various strategies to capture the attention of the customer and gain their loyalty.

Companies such as Walmart, Apple, Samsung, Toyota, Rolex, and many others have made a mark around the world due to their superior technology, business strategies, customer service, and marketing plans. Many of these companies are known for their innovations which has given them an edge over other organizations thus straightening their foothold around the globe. Here we provide a map of some of the top companies around the world. You can also browse the list below the map which would give you a better understanding about the company’s headquarters, industry in which it operates and revenues.


List of World Top Companies

Rank Name Industry Revenue (USD bn) Headquaters
1 Walmart Retail $834 Bentonville, Arkansas
2 Sinopec Group Oil and gas $455 Beijing
3 China National Petroleum Corporation Oil and gas $428 Beijing
4 Saudi Aramco Oil and gas $338 Dhahran
5 State Grid Electric utility $333 Beijing
6 Samsung Conglomerate $305 Suwon
7 Royal Dutch Shell Oil and gas $273 The Hague London
8 ExxonMobil Oil and gas $268 Irving, Texas
9 Vitol Commodities $270 Rotterdam;  Geneva
10 Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Oil and gas $252 Al Shuwaikh
11 Volkswagen Automotive $245 Wolfsburg
12 Apple Consumer electronics $234 Cupertino,California
13 Toyota Automotive $227 Toyota, Aichi
14 BP Oil and gas $223 London
15 Glencore Commodities $221 Baar
16 Total Oil and gas $212 Courbevoie
17 Berkshire Hathaway Conglomerate $211 Omaha, Nebraska
18 McKesson Pharmaceuticals $179 San Francisco, California
19 China Railway Transport $163 Beijing
20 Phillips 66 Oil and gas $161 Houston, Texas
21 Japan Post Conglomerate $157 Tokyo
22 Daimler Automotive $157 Stuttgart
23 General Motors Automotive $152 Detroit, Michigan
24 General Electric Conglomerate $149 Boston, Massachusetts
25 Exor Financial services $148 Turin
26 Allianz Financial services $148 Munich
27 Ford Motor Company Automotive $144 Dearborn, Michigan
28 Petrobras Oil and gas $144 Rio de Janeiro
29 Lukoil Oil and gas $144 Moscow
30 Honda Automotive $142 Tokyo
31 CVS Health Retail $139 Woonsocket, Rhode Island
32 Chevron Oil and gas $138 San Ramon, California
33 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial services $137 Beijing
34 E·ON Electric utility $135 Düsseldorf
35 Foxconn Electronics $133 Taiwan
36 Eni Oil and gas $133 Rome
37 AT&T Telecommunications $147 Dallas, Texas
38 Valero Oil and gas $131 San Antonio,Texas
39 United Health Health care $131 Minnetonka, Minnesota
40 PDVSA Oil and gas $128 Caracas
41 Trafigura Commodities $128 Lucerne
42 Verizon Telecommunications $127 New York City, New York
43 China Construction Engineering Construction $125 Beijing
44 Cargill Food processing $120 Wayzata, Minnesota
45 AmerisourceBergen Pharmaceuticals $136 Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania
46 Koch Industries Conglomerate $115 Wichita, Kansas
47 Costco Retail $114 Issaquah, Washington
48 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Electronics $111 Palo Alto, California
49 Tata Group Conglomerate $108 Mumbai, India


Last Updated: 27th Oct 2016 (DU, CU)

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