Advertising Company

An advertising company is a company, which places advertisements on behalf of a particular firm or company. The demand for advertising companies has been increasing as more and more companies are becoming dependent on them. An advertising company is also known as an advertising agency.

About Advertising Company

An advertising company is also termed as an advertising agency or simply ad agency. It is a constituent of a service sector industry and offers services related to conceptualizing, contriving and managing advertising (and in some instances other types of promotion) for its customers. An advertising company functions in an independent manner and offers an external viewpoint for the attempt of marketing the commodities or services of the client.

Advertising is a way of communication to the common public and probable customers and the principal objective of advertising is to make people know regarding various commodities and services and how to find and implement them. Principal advertising mediums include radio, television, newspapers, magazines, movies, billboards and the Internet.

Advertising companies may function in various forms, for example, Outdoor Advertising Company or Internet Advertising Company. They offer their services on the basis of commission.

An advertising company also has the capability of managing the entire branding and marketing plans, as well as sales promotions for the clientele.

Clients can hire advertising agencies for making single advertisements or typically a chain of associated advertisements, which is known as advertising campaign.

Usually, the clients of advertising companies include the following:
Non-profit seeking organizations
Government agencies
Forms of Advertising Company

The advertising companies can be categorized into the following types:

Media-neutral or Full Service Advertising Agencies (or Companies): They create television commercials, print advertisements, through-the-line advertising (TTL), and integrated marketing communications.

Interactive Agencies: In providing their services, the Interactive Agencies provide a blend of Search Engine Marketing, Web Design and Development, E-Business or E-Commerce Consultancy and Internet Advertising and Marketing.
Services offered by the Interactive Agencies include the following:

Digital Brand Development
Digital Lead Generation
Rich Media Campaigns
Communications Strategy and Interactive Marketing
Web 2.0 website designing and development
Interactive Video brand experiences
email marketing
e-Learning Tools
Content Management Services
SEO/SEM services
ROI Assessment & Total Data Mining
Web application development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Companies

Departments Under Advertising Company

The following departments are usually present under an advertising agency
Creative Department: Consisting of copywriters, art directors, creative directors, production artists and production studio
Production Department: It is also known as the Creative Services Department
Account Services Department: It is usually handled by an accounts executive and this department functions as the sales division of the advertising company.
Other Departments: The Traffic Department and Public Relations Department

Mobile Billboard Advertising Advertising companies also take the help of Mobile Billboard Advertising for the following purposes:
Target advertising
Sporting events
Campaigns for a single day and long term
Inauguration of stores and same types of publicity events
Forms of Advertising Advertising can be categorized into the following types:
Media Advertising
Television Commercials
Covert Advertising
Internet Advertising

Leading Advertising Companies Following are the leading advertising companies and advertising groups in the world:
WPP Group
Omnicom Group
Interpublic Group
Aegis Group
MDC Partners
Aspen Marketing Services
WB Doner and Company
Richards Group
Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Outdoor Advertising Company
Internet Advertising Company
Major Advertising Companies of the World

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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