California Biotech Companies

Biotechnology is based on Biology especially when its based on agriculture, medicine and food science. The California Biotechnology companies cater to crop production, health care, agriculture, non food uses of crops and other environmental uses.
Directed use of organisms for the manufacture of organic products like milk and beer, bioleaching where naturally present bacteria is used by the mining industry are some other specific functions are performed by companies. The technology is also used by companies in California to recycle, treat waste and clean up sites.

Red biotechnology is used in medical processes (making antibiotics and genetic cures), white biotechnology is used in industrial processes. Green biotechnology is used in agricultural processes, while blue biotechnology is a term coined to describe its marine and aquatic applications.

These sub-divisions are well exploited and explored by the biotech companies in California. California is the birthplace of the USA biotechnology industry. 47% of the total national expenditure on R&D in biotechnology and 53% of the nation’s biotech revenue is accounted for by the state of California.
Out of the 3000 odd biotech companies in USA 26% are in California. They mainly focus on human health. Almost 40% of publicly owned biotech companies are in California and they employ 13.6% of the people. The biotech industry in California is concentrated in 3 centers: San Francisco Bay Area, the Los Angeles region and the San Diego region.

Some of the biotech companies in California are:
Pepceuticals Limited is a company which provides exact specifications of custom synthesized peptides and antibodies to customers.
Gene tools, Llc supplies Morpholine antisense oligos as also products for improved delivery of antisense oligos into the cystosol of cultured cells.
Alpha DNA supplies oligonucleotides , custom DNA synthesis and CPG columns.
Lifespan Biosciences, INC offers a single-stop solution to validating and finding new steps to drug recovery. This company solely provides various diagnostic and analytical services.
Exiqon A/S is a supplier of diagnostic products. They focus on development of technology of production of DNA and immuno-diagnostic products against common genetic diseases.
Companies like Advertisers In Laser Focus World, Coherent Communications supply technical equipments.
Cambridge Scientific, Biodata Inc are biology/chemistry software suppliers.
Affinity Bio Reagents, Invitrogen are the major suppliers of reagents.

The California biotechnology companies are trying to help growth in European Pharmaceutical companies by collaborating with them. Amidst the abysmal performance of the venture capital funding market and initial public offerings, these biotech partnerships have been a bright spot. The smaller companies tying up with the bigger companies have helped the drug development process by making it cost effective. Another recent development is that the California biotech companies are supporting the newly proposed state legislation which seeks to extend the time period that biotech companies have for claiming a tax deduction based on net operating losses. In all respects, the California biotech companies are doing a good job, both for themselves and for the general public.

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013