Top Biotech Companies of the World

Biotechnology companies use biological systems, living organisms or their derivatives to make products for specific use. The general opinion about top biotech companies is that they spend billions of dollars in research and development, and do little else.
With such large inputs, such companies must create novel technologies and products to stay solvent. Before 1970, biotechnology was used mainly in the agricultural and food processing industries. Today, their area of expertise extends much further.

Biotech companies view their work as an amalgamation of disciplines like genetics, biochemistry, embryology, molecular biology and cell biology. Biotech companies mainly work in the fields of medicine, agriculture, crop production, non-food use of crops and heavy industry. The mining industry, for example, uses naturally present bacteria in bioleaching.

Biotechnology fields are divided into four groups, named by color. Companies working with red biotechnology apply it to medical processes, such as the production of antibiotics and genetic cures.
White biotechnology is used in industrial processes, while green biotechnology is applied to agricultural processes. Blue biotechnology is issued in marine applications.

Some of the top biotechnology companies of the world are as follows:

Abbott Bioresearch Center Inc:
Discovers, develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Abbott is located in Illinois, USA.

The company is currently pursuing strategies to prevent drug resistance. Located on the shores of San Francisco Bay, USA, it contains extensive research facilities.

Acumen Pharmaceuticals:
Acumen is doing groundbreaking diagnostics and developing medicines for Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. The company is based in Manchester, UK.

Aerie Pharmaceuticals:
Aerie focuses on development of medical innovations in opthalmology. The company is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Amaxa GMBH:
Amaxa markets, develops and produces innovative transfection technologies. This company is located in Nattermannallee, Germany.


Genzyme’s products are for treatment of inherited disorders, kidney diseases, cancer, etc. The company is located in Cambridge, UK.

Biotechnology companies cater to the medical field with applications in pharmacogenomics, drug production, genetic testing and gene therapy.

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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