Construction Company

Construction involves multitasking and construction companies are those companies which are involved in construction of a host of different types of constructions like residential buildings,

office buildings, schools, colleges, roads and bridges, etc. In engineering terms, construction is the building or assembly of any infrastructure on a site or sites. The companies employ construction managers, design engineers and project managers to carry out the important activities. The physical aspect of construction is carried out by laborers, carpenters and other skilled specialists. The companies work on new structures as well as repairs, additions and alterations on existing ones.

Planning is essential for the construction companies. Besides designing and execution, they are also mindful of environmental impacts, budgeting, preparing tender documents, availability of materials and site safety among other things.Threats and risks, gaps between buildings, earthquake resistance, effect of sanitary system, effects of electrical conducts cable on the strength of the structure are also kept in mind.

The construction companies are broadly involved in three types of constructions namely building, industrial and highway. Building construction involves construction of houses as well as adding structure to real property. The parameters of design, financial and legal considerations are the same in all building constructions. The undesirable results of building constructions are structural collapses, cost overruns, etc. Building construction is procured publicly or privately utilizing various delivery methodologies, including negotiated price, hard bid, traditional,, construction management-at-risk, management contracting, design & build and design-build bridging.

The residential constructions are now becoming popular with growing affluence. Buildings are of three types:
Low rise building
High rise building
Long span building

Infrastructure is added to our built environment by heavy/highway constructions. Usually government agencies are involved in such constructions. These projects are naturally undertaken for public benefit and not for profit. However, large private corporations are also involved in constructing access roads, railroads, dams, earthwork projects.

Industrial companies form a small part of the entire construction industry, but their importance cannot be denied. Large profit seeking building corporations are involved in these constructions. The constructions in medical, chemical, petroleum, power generating and manufacturing sector involve highly specialized expertise in planning, design and construction.

The government agencies or sub agencies are the authorities having jurisdiction in construction business. The municipality is the most common among such agencies. They regulate the construction process. The construction companies have to be in line with the municipal General Plan and zoning regulations.

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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