Electronics Appliances Company

Singapore. The predominant feature of consumer electronics goods is the trend of continuously decreasing prices. This is regarded to be the result of benefits from production efficiency, automation, and developments in the design of semiconductors.
For a fixed price, the usefulness or capability of semiconductors increases twofold after every 18 months, and this proves to be beneficial to the semiconductor components industry.

The products and services of electronic appliances company can be categorized as follows:

Telephones (fixed line and cellular)
Personal Computers
DVD Players
Air Conditioners
Audio Systems
Washing Machines
VHS Systems
MP3 Players

When a customer is going to buy an electronic appliance, he considers many criteria. People look for style and price rather than specification and performance. This shows that consumer electronics is going through a phase of convergence, and it also ensures that the consumer has a reduced choice of retailer, which is an advantage to the manufacturer.

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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