Travel Insurance Companies

Travel insurance companies provides insurance coverage for the travellers and tourists to cover financial and other types of losses that may occur while traveling. Travel insurances are generally arranged at the booking time covering the exact duration of the trip.
Most often the traveller insurances are purchased from tour operators, travel agents, travel insurance companies and cruiselines.The unexpected health or medical problem that may arise while traveling in or outside the home country is the main reason behind getting a suitable traveling insurance coverage.

The travel insurance covers any damage to the personal possession whether it is stolen or lost, provided there is a limit on individual items or cash. The travel documents are also considered among the insurable personal possession.

List of Top Travel Insurance Companies

Company Name Location Established
Access America Richmond, VA 1983
American Express New York, NY 1850
�CSA Travel Protection San Diego, CA 1991
�MH Ross Travel Insurance Services �Kansas City, MO 1952
Travel Guard Stevens Point, WI 1985
Travel Insured International East Hartford, CT 1994
Travelex Insurance Services Omaha, NE 1996
TravelSafe Insurance Wyoming, PA 1971

There may arise some substantial losses like the loss of luggage, trips getting cancelled, medical emergencies or other situations that are also covered by traveling insurances. There are some travel insurance companies that provide travel insurance to adventure sports that include high risk activities like skiing, diving, white water rafting, rock climbing or snorkeling.

The risks that are generally covered by a traveler insurance company are:

Delayed departure
Theft, damage or loss of money or personal possession
Delayed baggage
Overseas funeral expenses
Emergency evacuation
Medical expenses
Legal assistance
Personal liability
Accidental death or injury
Depending on the traveling insurance providers, there are some other travel policies also available for additional costs. The travelers can even purchase separate traveling insurances like travel to high risk countries, high risk sports and pre-existing medical conditions.

The travel insurance is not different from other insurances except a difference that with the duration of the trip, the insurance coverage also terminates. The insured traveler pays a premium to the insurance company and the company then takes care and pays any cost in the cases of the eventualities. If there is no accident or eventuality occurred during the trip, the traveling insurance company keeps the premium.

The travelers should spend some time to enquire for a right traveling insurance company. The individuals going for travel trips can browse through the internet and get the insurance quote given by the various traveling insurance companies. The quote as well as the premium amount may vary from one company to another even for the same insurance coverage. Having a suitable traveling insurance from a reliable insurance company is always advisable while going for a trip in order to reduce the risks involved and have a free mind to enjoy.

Last Updated on : 12th Sept. 2013

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