Direct Marketing Company

Direct marketing companies apply direct marketing tools to promote a particular product or service. The strategy that is used by direct marketing involves sending the product message directly to the consumer without using the media.
The most common form of direct marketing used by direct marketing companies is sending direct mails to customers whose addresses are taken from a list. This process involves marketers using the reduced bulk mail postal rate in order to send paper mails.

Another tool used by direct market companies to promote a product or service is by telemarketing. In this marketing strategy, the marketing company assigns a number of people who call customers after obtaining the names and phone numbers of these customers from the telephone book.

For both the business-to-business and business-to-customer marketing, telemarketing strategy is used. With the advent of internet, another form of direct marketing used by direct marketing companies is email marketing.
Sending email, including spam, has surpassed the frequency of telemarketing. Obtaining a list of emails also include a type of internet business. Sending junk faxes is another type of direct marketing tool generally used less by direct marketing companies. Laws in various countries making junk faxing illegal has reduced its use.

Infomercials is a type of direct response marketing rather than direct marketing. It includes obtaining direct response from consumers via television programs. Viewers can respond through internet, and telephone. Customers make transactions with credit cards.

Direct marketing companies use other types of publicity tools to promote a product. They use media in promotions in areas such as package inserts, door hangers, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, email, pay-per-click ads, internet banner ads, kiosks, billboards, transit ads, etc. According to a recent market study, marketing services are gaining more revenue than traditional advertising and media.

Direct marketing companies can employ strategies such as calling a free phone, returning a response card, visiting the website, visiting a PURL, placing an order or completing a survey. The direct response earned can be utilized in direct marketing.

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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