Ameriquest Mortgage Company

The Ameriquest Mortgage Company is located in America and it has a lot of branches through the heartland of America. It is into finance and mortgages and is one of the largest privately owned mortgage companies in the USA.

The company provides the following services:
Comprehensive Medical Coverage
401K plan
survivor protection benefits
Flexible Spending accounts
travel Reimbursement Incentive Program
Tuition reimbursement
AmeriCares, employee assistance
Vacation, holiday, personal days, sick-leave
Fitness center membership
The company has more than 7000 associates located in over 270 branches in 35 states. For more than a decade, the company had focused on providing mortgage loans. The company gave 118,900 loans and had a loan volume of $17.8 billion.

The Ameriquest Mortgage Company was founded in 1979 with the name Long Beach Savings and Loan, a savings and loan bank, but later shifted to retail mortgage lending. The change of name took place in 1997. the company has its headquarters in Orange Country, California and has over 250 branches and offers services in 46 states. The company boasts of its integrity in business. More information can be got at One can also call 1-800-442-8408 to talk directly to the concerned officials of the company. The given company website is also very informative and well organized. The company was among the first to use computers to search for prospective borrowers.

The company offers the following facilities:
A comprehensive employee training program
Recognition of good works and rewards
Well Documented easy to follow policies
A well organized and developed sales support system
A creative, entrepreneurial corporate culture
The company defines clearly what lenders need to know, what they need to know before borrowing, when to refinance a mortgage. The mortgage dictionary is also very informative. The company also has the pros and cons of fixed and adjustable rate mortgages well chalked out.

If one is an Online customer, then he can 24 hour secure account access, pay his home loan Online, access document and download forms from the secure company server. There are also options of opening an escrow account, obtaining year end information, requesting a payoff statement.

For jobs in this company, one can contact:-
Kimberly Downey-College Recruitment Specialist, California (714) 541-9960 Ext. 12577
Melissa Mackie-College Recruitment Specialist, East/West (714) 541-9960 Ext. 12477

Tanya Foster-National College Recruiting Manager (714) 541-9737 Ext. 14033

Last Updated on : 22th July 2013

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