Pharmaceutical Companies in UAE – Dubai

UAE is the second largest pharmaceutical market in the gulf region. It is the regional leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and it is likely to grow steadily for some years. The total market value is estimated at US$ 1.8 Billion. Strong government support has resulted in growth of healthcare segment. Previously many of the drugs used to be imported but now due to government support local manufacturing of drugs is promoted. Use of generic drugs are promoted to reduce the healthcare cost. Many multinational companies started their operation in Dubai in order to access the market and develop drugs.

Many of the high profile drugs are still imported from Europe , India. Government need to enforce strong reforms to promote local manufacturing which will bring down the cost of medicine, create jobs, boost the economy as well as reduce the reliance on imported drugs. Many of the multinational companies need to invited to make joint ventures and set up manufacturing plants to boost the local production. Many of the diseases of the region are lifestyle oriented as cost of living have increased people are able to spend more on the medicine. With the economic growth now many people have western standard of living which results in more western diseases in the region.

List of Top Pharmaceutical companies in UAE-Dubai

Pfizer UAE Johnson & Johnson Middle East
Merck UAE Novo Nordisk Pharma Gulf
Gulf Pharmaceutical Industry-Julphar (JULPHAR) Smart Health and Nutrition Ltd.
Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC Valeant Pharmaceuticals MEA FZ LLC
Al-Hayat Pharmaceuticals Amgen
Elis Pharmaceuticals Limited Alliance Global
Sanofi Aventis UAE Genpharm
Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited BioPharma
GlaxoSmithKline Gulf Inject
Saga Pharmaceuticals Global Pharma
Astra Zeneca UAE Neopharma
Baxter A.G Medpharma


Many of the multinational top pharmaceutical companies have established their regional centers in Dubai so as to cover the entire regional market. Adoption of western culture, increase in population and economic activities and integration with international market has led to many companies coming to this region.Gulf Pharmaceutical industries (Julphar) is the largest and oldest pharmaceutical companies in the market . It distributes its products in the market and is focusing on local production. It has developed alliances with many companies for drug production.

As many of the local companies lack expertise and struggle in the market, government should back them to grow. Many of the companies have to buy raw materials for drugs from the european countries which affects the profitability position. The region also lacks the research and development infrastructure to create original drugs.

Pharmaceutical Companies in UAE – Dubai