Top 10 Software Companies

A software company helps its clients to enhance their business potential by providing new and improved leverage technologies. Software companies primarily aim to provide solutions that are premised on technology. These productions are designed to enhance the rate as well as amount of production of various business organizations like:-
* Banking and Financial Institutions
• Governmental Associations
• Corporations
• Educational Institutions

These companies have been able to carry on their business in a smoother and more effective manner after having utilized the resources provided by the software companies. The software companies also provide some other services such as following:
• Document Collaboration and Change Management Solutions: these services enable clients to employ as well as maintain critical data.
• Technology Partnerships: software firms try to provide the companies with the best possible technological solutions.
• Strategic Consulting Services
• Software Development Services
• Business Process Outsourcing Services

World’s Top 10 Software Companies in the World

Rank Company Country Sales Profits Assets Market Value
1 Microsoft United States $86.6 B $10.2 B $181.9 B $407 B
2 Oracle United States $37.2 B $8.8 B $104.9 B $168.9 B
3 SAP Germany $23.2 B $3.6 B $48.9 B $98.4 B
4 VMWare United States $6.7 B $962 M $15.8 B $24.7 B
5 Adobe Systems United States $5 B $799 M $11.9 B $47.4 B
6 HCL Technologies India $5.9 B $1.2 B $6.4 B $17.9 B
7 Fiserv United States $5.3 B $712 M $9.3 B $21.9 B
8 United States $6.7 B $-47 M $12.8 B $51.9 B
9 Symantec United States $5.4 B $619 M $11.9 B $11.7 B
10 Amadeus IT Holdings Spain $4.3 B $761 M $7.7 B $19.6 B
11 Intuit United States $4.5 B $508 M $4.3 B $26.3 B
12 CA United States $4 B $752 M $10.9 B $12.6 B
13 Check Point Software Israel $1.7 B $692 M $5 B $15 B
14 Dassault Systemes France $3.2 B $466 M $7.2 B $20.2 B
15 Citrix Systems United States $3.3 B $374 M $5.5 B $12.8 B
16 VeriSign United States $1.1 B $375 M $2.4 B $9.7 B
17 Amdocs United States $3.7 B $415 M $5.1 B $8.5 B
18 Red Hat United States $2.1 B $199 M $4.2 B $13.7 B
19 Autodesk United States $2.5 B $-293 M $5.5 B $13.4 B

Source: forbes

# Microsoft (MSFT) is amongst the biggest software companies based in the United States. It is responsible for developing, licensing, and providing support to a diverse array of software products around the world.

The most popular Microsoft products are:
• Microsoft Windows Operating System
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Servers
• Developer Tools
• Business Solutions

# Oracle (ORCL) is another giant of the software industry in the United States. It operates in the fields of database management systems, middle tier software, customer relationship management software, enterprise resource planning software, and supply chain management software.
Following are its most popular Oracle products:
• Oracle Database
• Oracle Rdb
• Oracle eBusiness Suite
• Oracle Application Server
• Oracle Jdeveloper

#SAP : It is a Germany-based multinational software company, founded in the year of 1972 having 76986 no. of employees. Founder of SAP are Dietmar Hopp, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner, Klaus Tschira, Claus Wellenreuther.

#VMWare (VMW): The company’s market capitalization is about $79.4 billion and its annual revenue is estimated to be almost $37.1 billion.

#Adobe Systems: The main headquarters of Adobe Systems is located in San Jose, CA, United States. Its market capitalization is almost $10.2 billion and the annual revenue of the company is estimated to be about $4.4 billion and.

#HCL Technologies: It is one of the leading IT services, IT consulting company founded in the year of 1976. Its main headquaters is in India.

#Fiserv : It is provider of financial sevices technology. Its headquarters is located in Brookfield, WI, United States. The company’s market capitalization is around $8.5 billion while its annual revenue is about $4.5 billion. (CRM) : It is an American cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was founded in the year of 1999 by Marc Benioff, Parker Harris. Its main revenue comes from customer relationship management (CRM) product.

#Symantec (SYMC): Nasdaq-listed Symantec is American technology company and is the global leader in software security solutions. Its main headquaters is in California, United States.

#Amadeus IT Holdings: Its is a major European IT Provider for the global travel and tourism industry. Its main headquaters is in Madrid, Spain.

Last Updated: 20th Oct 2016 (DU)

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