Software Companies in USA

The USA software companies build software for the clients for various purposes and for that matter hire software engineers or outsource their software projects to another country where the same software can be built in more cost effective way.

A large number of US based software companies are now the leading software developers in the world and have become brand names for themselves. Software companies based in USA are building software for various purposes like banking, railways, airways, stock market, stock brokers, government, hotels, publishing, inventory and logistic services, payroll, etc.


List of top software companies in United States

Company Headquarter Location
Microsoft Corporation Redmond, Washington
IBM Armonk , New York
Google Mountain View, California
Yahoo Sunnyvale, California
Oracle Redwood City, California
Apple Cupertino, California
Hewlett Packard Palo Alto, California
Symantec Mountain View, California
Activision Blizzard Santa Monica, California
EMC Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Dell Austin, Texas
CA One CA Plaza Islandia, New York
Fiserv Brookfield, Wisconsin
Electronic Arts Redwood City, California
Adobe Systems San Jose, California
Cisco San Jose, California
BMC Houston, Texas
SunGard Wayne, Pennsylvania
Autodesk San Rafael, California San Francisco, California
Intuit Mountain View, California Seattle, Washington
Computer Science Corporation (CSC) Falls Church, Virginia

Now even the shops, restaurants, malls, movie theatres and markets maintain software of their own to track their business. From large scale to the smallest scale, the software companies of the USA are giving software solution to all types of needs and requirements of the clients. The software companies develop, test, maintain and then publish the software.
The software industry of the USA also offers software services like training and consultancy on the software development.
The prime business of the software companies involves hiring professionals proficient in developing software on the required computer languages. The software is nothing but a collection of computer programs written in the language that the computer understands, known as computer language and carry out some specific task.

The major computer languages that are now used by the USA software companies are:


Software may be system software like the operating system of the personal computers or application software like the word processors, giving the users a platform to carry out their work.

With the advent of internet, web solution is another software development that is also in its rapid growth. The web solution companies are mainly software solution companies that build websites for various purposes. The websites are more interactive and easily reachable to the common people unlike other computer software.

In the USA, mainly two types of software solutions are being developed – proprietary or open sources software. Developing proprietary software is costly for any software company in the USA and it requires software licensing in order to protect the software from cracking or piracy. One such proprietary software developing company is Microsoft. The open source software companies mainly provide support and training on the software instead of building and selling them. Sun Microsystems and IBM are the companies that offer free and open source software despite doing proprietary software business.


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