Corporate Finance Banking

Overview of Corporate Finance Banking Services
Corporate finance banking services are provided by different banks across the world. These services are provided mainly to the business entities that are the primary clients of these banks. The services and products differ with individual banks but there are certain common services.

Corporate Finance Banking Product Categories
The leading international banking organizations that deal in corporate finance banking normally provide products in the following categories:
Technology Finance
Infrastructure Finance
Housing Finance
Equity Capital Markets
Telecom Finance
Debt Finance
Media Finance
Commercial Real Estate
Transaction Banking
Corporate Brokerage Services
Treasury Banking
Investment Banking
Buying Companies
Capital Markets
Growth Equity
Custodial Services
Joint Venture
International Banking
Oil Finance
Rural & Agri Banking
Gas Finance
Structured Finance
Corporate Finance Banking Client Coverage Services
The prominent corporate finance banking service providers offer excellent and customized client coverage services.
The leading corporate finance banking service providers provide their services on the basis of the following categories:
Regional Specialization
Industrial Specialization
Corporate Finance Banking Client Groups
The prominent corporate finance banking companies cater to the following types of clients:
Financial Organizations
Large Cap
Multinational Companies
Mid Cap
Financial Sponsors
Corporate Finance Banking Service Providers
Following are the leading corporate finance banking service providers:
Royal Bank of Scotland
Deutsche Bank
Bank of Scotland
Corporate Finance and Investment Banking
There are different meanings of the term corporate finance. For example as far as the United States of America is concerned the term corporate finance is used to mean the various activities that are part of the financial aspects of the business entities.

In case of the United Kingdom and other countries that are members of the Commonwealth the concept of investment banking is regarded to be the same as corporate finance. In these countries the term corporate finance means gathering money for running the business.

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