Corporate Finance Consulting

Corporate finance consulting refers to the specialized financial services offered by the financial institutes and investment banks to the companies, firms and corporations. The investment banks and global financial institutes offer strategic and customized financial services to their clients.
The investment banks advise the firms on how to collect both the short term and long term capital and hence issue stocks and bonds in the capital market. The investment banks also help the firms to sell stocks in the market. The corporate financing consulting also includes strategic and advisory services for acquisitions, mergers and divestitures.

They also offer financial advisory services on the trading of derivatives, foreign exchange, fixed income, equity securities and commodities. Financial consulting in the corporate world is offered by the banks and established financial institutes.
They offer financial services to the firms and in return charge a fee. The investment banks also offer sector specific advices on capital raising strategies and also on the terms and conditions of merger and acquisition.
Generally the various industrial sectors for which the corporate finance consulting is available are – energy & power, consumer services, healthcare, financial institutions, leisure & transportation, gaming, multi-industry, media, real estate, technology, retail and telecom.

The investment banks also offer financing services to the firms. The various forms of financing available from these banks are – working capital financing, structured financing, syndicated loans, medium and long term financing and equity investing. They also offer services to the hedge funds, money managers, endowments, pension funds, governments and corporations on sales, structuring, trading and advices covering the entire range of equity and debt products.

Cash management is another corporate finance consulting service provided by financial institutes. The global investment banks offer services like vendor financing, online payment solutions and many other services so as to help the corporations and companies to attain high level of operational efficiency. The global transaction services offered by the financial institutes are also highly required by the companies. These services make the companies to interact with the rest of the world no matter where they are situated. Corporate finance consulting also covers sophisticated and strategic cash management, trade services, financial services and fund services.

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