Divestitures and divestments are referred to as the full or partial disposal of an asset or investment through exchange, sale, bankruptcy or closure. Divestitures are generally done strategically and slowly over a long time period. The divestitures are also systematically done through large lots over a short period of time.
In case of the business, the divestitures are referred to as the removal of assets. The process of divesting by businesses is done by closing subsidiaries, selling the ownership stakes or even by the bankruptcy of divisions. However, the concept of divestitures is different in case of the personal finance.

The investors in this case sell out their shares of the business. In other words, it can also be said that the divestiture explains the practice of reducing some kind of financial asset for ethical objectives or for financial goals. A concept of divestiture can be called to be the opposite of an investment.
This is an action often taken by the businesses in order to earn financial capital while the business sells out a business unit. The objective of divestiture taken by the business is to concentrate the resources of the business in the market that it considers to be more promising and profitable.
The advantages enjoyed by the companies while divesting are:
By divesting the non-core assets of the company, the management can focus on the core business of the company rather than its problem children.
When the company decides to restructure the investment portfolio, the company can take the opportunity to modify its message to the employees, investors and stakeholders.In that situation, a divestiture works as a catalytic while giving the firm management the free hand to take those actions that it had been long waiting to take.
The risks that are considered to be associated with the cash flow and earning of dilution are actually less than the actual market risk. Hence, the companies that have gone for divesting their assets can experiences substantial rise in their stock price after the divesture.
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