Credit Card Balance Transfer

Credit card balance transfer often eases out the situation for a person in debt. Credit card companies vying for market share often offer credit card balance transfer options to clients.

More on credit card balance transfer
Many companies promise free credit card balance transfer facilities to the clients. However, once the company gets hold of the client’s money it often starts imposing conditions. They offer a grace period, where they charge a relatively less amount on the balance transfer.

Initially, one can get as low as one, two or even nil interest rate charge for credit card balance transfer from old cards. However, often this honeymoon period lasts for half a year or a maximum of one year.

Debt reduction through credit card balance transfer
Credit card balance transfer is often open for any individual with a valid social security number and a postal address. For the smart consumer, this is just the right option for reducing his debt burden.
He can pay back his credit card balance without incurring any extra payment as interest charges. A person can use credit card balance transfer as a strategy for debt reduction.

Hypothetically, a person can open a fresh credit card account and go in for balance transfer and fully utilize the grace period of low or nil interest rates. However, the person should immediately close his earlier account. This is because multiple credit cards lower the credit score of an individual.

The practice of credit card balance transfer is rewarding for the customer if carried out carefully. Before investing, one needs to carefully read the fine prints for hidden conditions.

Certain points need careful study here like the period of the initial interest rate run and the applicable yearly percentage interest rate, once the grace period is over. One also needs to seek information regarding the existence of yearly fees on card.

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