Providian Credit Card

The Providian Credit Card is one of the best credit cards of the United States of America. Issued by the Washington Mutual these cards can be adjusted to the requirements of the users of the card and there are several types of credit cards being issued by the Washington Mutual.

About Providian Credit Card
The Providian credit card is being issued by the Washington Mutual after its merger with the Providian. The uniqueness of the Providian Credit Card lies in the fact that the card can be adapted to suit the various demands of the users.

Providian Credit Card Brands
The following credit cards are provided by the Providian Credit Card:

• Premium Points

• Providian Visa Platinum Card

• Providian Cash Rewards

• Providian Real Rewards
Providian Visa Platinum Card
The main benefits that are provided by the Providian Visa Platinum Card are as follows:

• The credit lines are reviewed at definite periods of time. If the holder is able to fulfill certain requirements then he would be granted the privilege of an increased credit limit.

• The holder of the Providian Visa Platinum Card would be entitled to access the Fico Credit Scores as per his convenience.

• The credit limit of the Providian Visa Platinum Card is decided as per the requirements of the holder of the card.

• The holder of the Providian Visa Platinum Card can enjoy the advantage of discounts and coupons at the big restaurants as well as retail outlets.
Providian Real Rewards

The holders of the Providian Real Rewards credit card enjoy a number of financial rewards that are provided to them if they make their payments at the right time as well as on buying against the same. The financial rewards can be used later for reduction in expenses in restaurants or for bringing down the annual percentage rate for example.
Providian Credit Card Payments
The payments of the Providian credit card can be made on the Internet through e-mails. The holders can also make the payments on the telephone.

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Last Updated on : 9th July 2013