CBS is one of the globally reputed and recognized credit rating agencies, based in the African continent. The CBS renders efficient and effective credit rating services to different countries in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, etc. It is commonly believed that following some of the suggestions provided by this African credit rating organization, it is quite comfortable to carry out commercial activities in any corner of the African mainland.
In fact, most of the CBS products are designed in a way to minimize the business-related uncertainties to the least and increase the overall profitabilities in the African commercial sector.
What is so special about the credit reports prepared by CBS?
The unique feature of all the credit reports prepared by CBS is that they belong to 5 diverse categories as follows:
Legal status and its history
Ownership and Management
Credit appraisal and an opinionated view on a maximum or particular credit level
Financial information and its analysis
Provision for delivering credit reports to the respective clients vis e-mail or through fax, absolutely free of cost.
The most current investigating details about the related national inquiries are provided in the credit reports made by CBS.
The CBS credit reports offer full national coverage on all related inquiries.
Unique features of the Credit Rating Reports (CRR) of CBS:

The CBS Credit Rating Reports contain the following:
The credit rating reports prepared by the CBS identify the existing internal restraints of a commercial organization, with respect to its capacity frameworks. It is this framework, which is responsible for weakening the financial abilities of the organization and deter it from meeting different debt obligations.
Extensive analysis of the risks involved with economic, commercial, market, industrial, management and political spheres
The vulnerability of the concerned client in the above-mentioned areas are covered in detail and described extensively, in a column-wise pattern within the CBS credit rating reports, along with the possible impact which these vulnerabilities may exert on the financial capacities of the client concerned, at the time of repaying long-term or temporary debt obligations.


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